Daniel Vollmond (DE - CH)

Artistic Director & Curating Artist

Daniel Vollmond (DE - CH)

Daniel is an artist, who continuously learns how to use new tools and techniques. He works independently across media with a strong focus on technology, the moving image and interaction - both offline and in digital spaces. DIY, coding and building things is at the heart of his practice.

His work is informed by his upbringing close to the Iron Curtain on the German countryside next to Hof, a border town near the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the so-called 'Former West'. Even though the Iron Curtain collapsed in 1991, the deep cultural and geographic divide could still be felt for years. A general lack of perspective meant that young people were leaving the countryside to move to the cities. At the age of nineteen, Daniel felt compelled to leave too. Before moving to Berlin, Amsterdam and London, he went to India for a Voluntary Social Year, where he understood 'geography' for the first time - specifically what it meant to be born in a rich country: 'to be born privileged'.

These formative years have shaped his artistic practise. His work explores social relations and everyday situations, in an attempt to 'hack' and to debunk underlying rules and belief-systems. His practice responds to everyday situations in private and in public spaces, intertwining personal experience with history, politics and contemporary society. It operates somewhere between direct interaction with the viewer, auto-biography, documentary and speculative fiction, which often results in scenarios in which the work appears in the process of 'making itself' through its interaction with the viewer: a negotiation that interferes with the structure of the world, and that in turn allows others to interact with its complexities and its contradictions.

Social networks and building a sense of togetherness are important, which is why Daniel also works in collaborative projects and on workshops. Since 2023, together with Sophie Innmann, he organises the ANTHROPOZÄNTA in Hof, Germany - an annual residency and exhibition project. Notable individual collaborations have included work with Alicja Rogalska in London (SPECTRE, 2017) and several long term projects with his partner, Lynne Kouassi (i.e. HABITAT, 2019 and AQUARIUM, 2024).

In 2013 Daniel received his BFA (Bachelor in Fine Art) at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Subsequently, he completed his MFA (Master of Fine Art) with distinction at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2016. For this, he received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Daniel Vollmond currently lives and works in Basel, Switzerland and in Germany. His work has been shown across Europe and abroad.


GastHoF, 57th Internationale Hofer Filmtage

Thorsten Schaumann (künstlerische Leitung der Hofer Filmtage) im Livestream mit Daniel Vollmond (Anthropozänta), Sophie Innmann (Anthropozänta) und Hannah Herzsprung (Schauspielerin).


57th Hofer Filmtage, GastHoF 24.10.2023 / Thorsten Schaumann im Gespräch mit Daniel Vollmond, Sophie Innmann & Hannah Herzsprung

Das Video kann alternativ auch auf Invidious, einem werbe- und trackingfreien Youtube Frontend, oder auch direkt auf dem offiziellen Youtubekanal der Hofer Filmtage angesehen werden:

57. IHF – GastHoF Montag 24.10.23
Mit wechselnden Gästen diskutieren wir die Ereignisse des Tages. Präsentiert von unseren Hosts Wiebke und Johannes Thomsen.